Have you ever wondered what food cut in half would look like? Well Charlotte Omnès and Beth Galton both have and you can see the results below.


In their photo series ‘Cut Food’, the duo take a look at what the inside of foods produce. They’ve covered pretty much every edible, from; hot dogs to ice cream… fried chicken to mashed potatoes with gravy. This project started about 2 years ago when Galton, a New York-based photographer, was asked to slice a burrito as part of an advertising photo shoot.

“We cut the burrito in half and found this amazing world inside,” Galton says in the above video about this project. Galton then got Omnès, a food stylist, to help peer inside other edibles. Everyone knows what food looks like on the outside, and there are chefs out there who spend ages building up a nice looking plate but does anyone really care about the inside? It would appear so… The video has gone viral, and articles have been written all over the world about this series.

It’s an interesting feat and many have questioned the duo on just how it’s possible. It’s really quite simple (apparently)… Omnes and Galton say, there is relatively little trickery involved. For the most part it’s as easy as getting a knife and cutting through the food then snapping away. Of course for something like liquid, there’s a little more involved… They use like gelatin to solidify the liquid and then play around with a range of shooting techniques to get the shots just right.

Something that I find interesting, is the fact that the duo aren’t trying to claim this idea as there own. It’s been done many times before and the two want to see it done more. “I’d love to try to see people try it out,” Omnes says, adding, “It would be fun to see other people reach conclusions on what looks good cut in half and how [they] make that happen.”

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※ Liam Barr

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