“I don’t even know. Who is this for, the trams or the people?”

You’d be forgiven for overlooking him on a bus- Josh Pyke has built his image around humility. If it weren’t for the guitar, he’d just be another bloke on the commute. He’s opaque without sacrificing emotion.

Pyke is one of Australia’s more prolific and strong indie-pop musicians. His public face and industry connection paint a picture of an ethical artist and deep thinking musician with a genuine love and respect for fans and collaborators.
By the same token, I should make it clear that Josh Pyke is not a musician I would’ve found through my own avenues. I’m not much of an indie pop guy, but Pyke is one musician I can happily listen to. He’s created and released a lot of music, so there is still plenty of it I haven’t yet heard. The way he so casually weaves his insightful lyrics into his melodies allows me to happily listen to his tracks and makes me want to explore his music further.

I find his tracks dreamy, eclectic and vivid. His vocals are rich and blend in a sophisticated way with soft strings. I can’t really expand on that- in my mind’s eye, this music will always be a bit inscrutable. His lyrics can be interpreted on a sliding scale of depth, but stay true to a largely positive message and tone. That’s a quality that I find impressive and largely unique. I consider it a sign of a talented, humble artist.
Surpassing all this is the feeling of complexity his music creates. Some people think all music about love is cliche, or that happy songs can’t be as packed with feeling as soft, sad ones. Pyke defies this convention and blends a little bit of hope with unique pacing and tone.

Josh Pyke
Josh Pyke’s Tram Session (Photo: JTB Media)

He has a large following of fans who he gives massive appreciation too. It’s a two-way street of admiration, with Pyke releasing fan first tickets, pre-orders and even tours. This focus ensures a draw to tours and encourages fans to buy his music, instead of downloading it illegally.

While I thoroughly enjoy his tracks, I’m as impressed and more understanding of his personality and image. Josh Pyke has features beyond his tracks. His artistic focus seems to draw on a respectful, personal connection between his music and his fans. Pyke is passionate above all and this takes command of his music. His thoughts and attitude colour his uploads with clarity, depth and a sense of genuine happiness- simple, often overshadowed or misrepresented concepts in modern music. A critically acclaimed musician that can be seen pretty unilaterally to bring something good to the genre.

Josh Pyke’s album is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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