The Vanns are a three piece upcoming indie rock band from the Central Coast playing infectious, easy to listen to tracks.

These guys started out jamming in their garage before they burst into the independent music scene in 2012 with their debut track “Don’t Hold Me Back“. Since then, The Vanns have been driving their alternative sound into the rest of Australia, with an array of tours and releases.

The boys have found a unique sound that never gets old, by incorporating indie rock and hearty blues with the husky vocals of James Vann. I like the fact these guys are only a trio as their tracks aren’t overcomplicated with a ton of elements, instead they throw it back to the bare bones of music…

The Vanns are still quite young in the music industry, however, this hasn’t stopped them from getting themselves out there and noticed. They’ve already shared stages with some of my top bands; Sticky Fingers, Kingswood and just recently The Delta Riggs, along with a broad lineup of other acts.

Earlier this year, they worked with award-winning producer Mark Opitz to bring out their latest EP, Scattered By Sundown described as “tasting sweeter than a salted caramel ice cream on a summers day”. As I’ve been writing this review, I’ve had the EP on repeat and I’m enjoying it as much as the first play.

Picking a favorite on this EP is extremely difficult, but if I were to choice, I’d have to go with the closing track, “The Crawl“. While you could throw your foot down and start tapping to any track on this EP, “The Crawl” doesn’t really give you a choice. It was ten seconds into the song before I realized my foot was thudding of its own accord.

Scattered By Sundown is a new direction for the talented three piece, if you can’t tell I’m pretty hooked on their sound. I’d highly recommend dropping a couple of bucks on the album here (They’ll even sign it) or if you prefer a digital copy.

* Header image: Aden McLeod Photography

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