Janusz Grünspek, a Polish artist who converts thin wooden dowel into 1:1 wireframe sculptures of everyday items.

Wireframe Macbook

Janusz has become quite well known in the art world recently with his wireframe models. All it takes is some hot glue and wooden sticks to create everything from a MacBook to a security camera to a cassette player. I’ve selected my favourite photos and you can check them out below:

These sculptures are truly unique because Janusz converts items that we see every day without thinking about in polished wireframe creations. The largest of his works is his office space replica, containing everything from an espresso machine to a desk, a chair and even a binder on the floor. It’s almost hard to believe these are real creations and not a computer generated image.

Janusz tested and refined his ideas in 2011 in a series called Drawings in Space by using a variety of techniques. The objects almost question gravity, as the sculptures are as light as a feather. What I enjoy about these wireframe items is trying to fill in the lines with the colours of their respective objects.

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