I came across a post about Carter Asmann’s coffee stained artworks and I thought I’d do a post on it!

The first #coffeering post. - Carter Asmann, Instagram
The first #coffeering post. – Carter Asmann, Instagram

As you can see in the first drawing above, the idea really is quite simple. Spill a little coffee around the cup and place it on the paper… and then draw around that. In saying that though, the thing that really makes this a cool work of art, is the style of the photos he uploads. The composition of all his #coffeering posts are all slightly different but give you the feel that it’s just a scribble around an accidental spill, even though it’s clear there is more planning to it than that.

Although he does a wide range of interesting subjects like the cacti, eyes, a bison and many more on his instagram account, the recurring subject is the vehicle. Whether it be a bicycle wheel, bicycle, motorcycle or car they seem to be the most popular. To which, I am not complaining the detail in the focus vehicle, contrasting against the coffee stain produces wonderful works to enjoy.

Some of the pieces are for sale on his website, if you’re interested.

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