Pridelands. A strong Mount Gambier band playing the pride rock sound.

Pridelands - Band Photo
Pridelands – James Kilian Photo

I’m sure you were sad when you saw that we didn’t have an interview last week, but that’s okay because in 24 hours you’ll learn more about Pridelands.

Since their release of Gaia in 2013, these guys have been playing shows left, right and centre with the likes of Northlane, In Hearts Wake and Volumes (USA). This hasn’t been an easy road for what is now a three piece… With ex-guitarist Liam Sturges and ex-drummer Vaughan Sutherland stepping down respectfully.

For now though let’s check out their latest EP Natives. It’s only been out for two weeks, if you don’t already have it, then go get it from their bandcamp now.

I’ve just thrown on their opening track The Inkwell. It kicks off with a soft guitar and drum fade in, before vocalist Mason Bunt comes in to deliver his brutal and passionate vocals. The song is like a rollercoaster, the softer parts of the song is like the chain pulling you up the hill giving you butterflies of excitement, before the thrills come back with melodic breakdowns.

Joshua Cory, the man who we’ve interviewed for tomorrow, brings out some amazingly clean vocals on the second track Contingency. This song also gives guitarist Liam Fowler a chance to shine, with the vocals coming in and out at just the right times!

Devil’s Snare is probably my favourite track on this EP, and I’m stoked that it’s right in the middle. This song is fairly well known to those who have been following Pridelands. It came out in July of 2014 and get’s played at shows, a fair bit. This song has the perfect harmony of screaming and cleans and is simply just enjoyable to listen to. It’s full of energy and although the lyrics get quite dark, it’s a beautifully constructed song from the boys.

The song Destitute kicks off a little quicker from the songs we’ve heard prior. Again this song has a nice mix of Josh and Mason’s vocals, showing just how much this band understands one another. It’s the perfect combination of clean and brutal. It’s got a really interesting and enjoyable sound and “it’s killing me” that we’re getting to the end of the EP.

Coffinbound is the last track on this EP, but as you’ve no doubt come to expect it has just as much energy as the past four songs. As we transition through this song, Mason builds up the energy and brutality in his vocals. We also get a nice little sound coming out of Josh’s bass. Along with some splendid vocals shining throughout. The song ends with a nice little drum solo, before Mason ends on “I can hear them sing”.

Liam Fowler - Jake Hamilton Photo
Liam Fowler – Jake Hamilton Photo

While I’m sad I’ve reached the end of the EP, I’m stoked that this is a really enjoyable sound and I’m definitely going to be repeating this a few more times. I don’t really have a doubt in my mind, that you’re going to be doing the same.

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