We’ve seen something similar before at Crtive. Turning old books into works of art.


I come across Barbara’s work recently and thought it’d be worth sharing. She slices the old pages and covers to create truly amazing works of art. There’s not a whole lot I can write about for this one, because you really just need to look at it to appreciate it. Although leaving this post empty isn’t the way we do things around here…

The thin strips of paper, which are cut meticulously spray out of the spine to produce an incredible sculpture. She often uses books that contain maps, science and other interesting subjects. The images in the old books are also given a chance to shine. In some works she makes the images the centre piece with the strips shaped to make them stand out. Her method gives you a whole new way of looking at the words and images of a book. I’d never expect to see someone create a stunning story from such a raw, easily found, item. Although… I guess that’s what art is!

The books look like complex systems of nature, showing the interconnectedness of all things living. She takes the paper outside of the cover, giving the idea, that there is more to life than what we can easily see and that we should look deeper into the ‘covers’ surrounding us.

Wildenboer lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2007, She obtained a Masters in Fine Art from the Michaelis School of Art. Since then she has created artworks that have been showcased in several different exhibitions and art fairs.

Hopefully the images in this post made up for the poorly written article.

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