Priscilla Witte. The talented artist who proves that anything – I mean anything, can be used as a canvas.

Anything from surfboards empty pools and to even ceilings, it is truly evidential that P. Witte Illustrations are at full capacity when it comes to the talent side of things. This prolific Californian artist is consistently stretching the range and depth of her work to accommodate a variety of styles. Her illustration seemed to explode from nowhere onto the art scene, but Witte seems destined to push her style even further.
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First of all, please tell me a little bit as to how P.Witte illustrations came to be…
Well, I have loved the arts my whole life. Influenced by my father’s creative friends mostly. Musicians, photographers, painters, writers. For me drawing started as a kind of stress reliever, figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, as I was unknowingly actually doing it. I basically had done probably about 5 pieces, showed my friend Carly, who then told me I should have a show. I ended up organizing and having one at my friends space in Venice,CA. I did about 70 pieces, and almost sold every last one. Friends didn’t even know I made art like this. I didn’t know I made art like this! It was then I realized, yessss this is it. This is me. This is my art.
We have seen your latest piece, which was a ceiling literally covered in hundreds of outlines of hands…what was the inspiration behind that piece and secondly, how long did it take you?!
HA! I’ve always wanted to do a mural with alot of hands like that, so when the Tasting Kitchen (a restaurant in Venice,CA) asked me to create a mural of my choice, I gladly hopped on board. It took a long time, and a lot of good music.

When it comes to your artwork you really don’t seem to have a limitation as to what your canvas is. From what I have seen you’ve used everything from walls/ceilings to surfboards and even drawing on the side of pools (empty ones of course!) what’s the craziest thing you’ve used as a canvas?

Yeah, the pool was cool! It’s so nice to be able to do so much random work. I’ll conquer anything! Ha! The more to create the better! I have a couple cool projects in the works that should be interesting.
Did you have any artists that you look up to/ who have influenced your style of drawing?
Yes.Yes.Yes. So many….Keith Haring, Alexander Calder, Ellsworth Kelly, Georgia O’Keefe, Roy Lichenstein, Ray and Charles Eames, Wes Anderson, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Hockney….Music, writers, architects, history, learning, everyday life….I’m inspired by so many things! I could go on forever.

What piece took you the longest to create?
I created a huge piece for the teen choice awards. That probably was the most time consuming, but fun!

What is your most favoured piece of work?
My most favorite piece…hmmm…one sec, let me ask the audience…ha! I like looking at my old pieces and remembering what I was feeling the time I made them. I think the favored pieces are the pieces that people can relate to. Happy or sad.

Can you give us a little bit of a hint as to what the next project will be?
I have a couple big projects in the works. There’s a big guy being released in July. Hint- sneakers. Very excited about that. Everything seems to me coming together nicely. smile emoticon

Now for a little bit of fun…
Ryan Gosling OR Leonardo DiCaprio?
oh MAN! I think I have to go with Leo. I mean Romeo and Juliet. That was an OG crush for me.

Out and about OR watching a movie at home?
I love adventures and feel like I’m always on the go, but I do love me some cozy time at home! Nothin’ better than that.

Favourite musician?
shoot! I knew this question was coming. The impossible question! I love all music. Music is one of my biggest inspirations. It makes me feel feelings! Ha I grew up on classic rock, but also love new indie grooves. I’m currently listening to Bob Dylan, and the last concert I went to was Sufjan Stevens, so there ya go.

Favourite TV show?
Broad City! Hah I find those chicks raunchy and awesome.

If you were stranded on an island… what are 3 things you’d take?
I would take- Swedish fish, headphones(music), paint marker. It would be a grand ole time!

Finally, where can people buy your pieces/other merchandise??
Follow me on Instagram or Facebook or Tumblr!
Email me if you dig something that you see, for a commissioned piece, or want to work together on a project!

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