Sammy J and Randy are a comedic duo based out of Melbourne. They sing songs, do stand-up, and tour frequently. Pretty iconic duo, at least if you’ve grown up here. Sammy J and randy do almost an Australian take on something like the Mighty Boosh or Monty Python- with a hell of a lot more larrikinism. We were lucky enough to sit down, shoot the shit, and learn about who’s worse on tour.

Well first of all, thank you for your time Sammy J and Randy.
SJ: Why you’re welcome!
R: Get on with it.

Which one of you is worse on tour?
SJ: Definitely Randy.
R: Definitely me.

Sammy, when you’re doing solo work, where does randy live?
R: In Glen Iris.

Randy, do you feel as though you carry the act, being a puppet and all?
R: What’s a puppet?
SJ: No idea.

Who gets more groupies?
SJ: Definitely Randy.
R: Definitely me.

I understand that you are a two-man act, and as such, what do you feel the two of you gain from this extended collaboration?
SJ: A deep sense of trust, friendship, and mutually shared experiences; the highs are higher, the lows are lower, and when the curtain goes down, we know we each have a confident and soul mate there to debrief with.
R: Access to Sammy J’s credit card.

Do you feel as though your solo work displays different qualities?
SJ: Yep.
R: Yep.
SJ: On my own, I get to unleash my primal nerd, pretty much flicking the switch to musical theatre and getting amongst it skinny man style.
R: Whereas on my own, I don’t have to worry that there’s a skinny guy constantly trying to flick the switch to musical theatre, and can just speak my mind free of his constant attempts to turn our stage show into a Disney tribute concert.

What would you describe as your style of comedy?
SJ: Disney tribute concert.
R: On ice.

When you create a set, do you set out to say something or is it more like collecting and editing a bunch of moments?
R: There’s no real process. I just beat Sammy J with a wet salmon for half an hour and then we write down everything he says during the ordeal.
SJ: Minus the sobbing.
R: Yeah, minus the sobbing.

You had a sitcom series rumoured last year, Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane… can you explain how that came to be? What’s the goal for it? And when can we expect to see it on your TV screens?
SJ: The rumour came true. We made a whole series.
R: We think it’s rather good.
SJ: So now we’re basically waiting patiently for the ABC to put it on air.
R: At this stage I’d settle for 11:40pm after another re-run of Q.I.

What are you guys up too right now? Collabs, tours, etc?
SJ: Nothing at all.
R: It’s a very quiet winter.
SJ: I might pop down the shops on Thursday.
R: Can you pick me up some floss?
SJ: Sure thing.

Finish these sentences…
Randy is…
R: Awesome.
SJ: A deadshit.

Sammy is…
SJ: Awesome.
R: A total deadshit.

The pantry must always contain…
R: Hummus.
SJ: I can grab that from the shops too if you like?
R: Thanks mate.

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